Little Stocking Co - Adorable Girl Knit Low & Knee High Socks


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      93 products

      Little Stocking Co - Adorable Girl Knit Low & Knee High Socks

      How Did The Little Stocking Company Get Started?

      Little Stocking Co. The Little Stocking Company was founded in 2016 by two sisters with the desire to brighten up little wardrobes with fun and unique colors of knee high socks and cable knit tights. The sisters and also best friends had always wanted to open an online store were they could sell their handmade stockings. Purple Owl Boutique carries a wide variety of their seasonal and basic colors and styles year round. 

      Read on to learn some cool facts about the brand.

      They started with one product!

      In 2016, the sisters decided to start selling their own stockings online. They had no idea how to do so, but they knew they needed to find a way to make money. They began searching for ways to market their products, and found that there were few options available at the time. Their first product was crafted by hand and it took a while to produce. The product was packaged and sold in a jar and it looked beautiful. 

      They made it easy for people to buy from them.

      The sisters realized that they didn't need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising to reach customers. Instead, they used social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote their business. They also started using Google Adwords to attract new customers.

      They focused on customer service.

      The Little Stocking Co. has been growing steadily since its inception. In fact, the company now employs more than 100 people and ships products to more than 50 countries.

      They used social media to promote themselves.

      Social media played a key role in helping The Little Stocking Co gain traction with customers. The company started using Facebook and Twitter to share news about new product releases and promotions. They also posted photos of their employees wearing their stockings and encouraged customers to “like” them on Facebook.

      They created a blog.

      In addition to social media, The Little Stocking Company also used a blog to keep customers up to date on what was happening at the company. They shared news about new products and promotions as well as customer feedback.