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408 products

KicKee Pants 

Formerly known as Kicky Pants, the company is family owned and operated. KicKee Pants was founded on the belief that children should be unrestricted by their clothing. Their beautiful prints are inspired by the innocence and joy of childhood. At Purple Owl Boutique we are proud to be a Kickee exclusive retailer and Spotlight Store. 

Kickee Pants Make You Feel Good Inside & Out

KicKee Pants adorable bamboo baby clothes and bamboo blankets have exploded in popularity lately. The outfits are loved by parents all over the world and have even been spotted on celebrity babies of Justin Timberlake, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and many more. Their clothing is made of buttery soft bamboo fabric, blended with spandex. This creates a perfect amount of stretch which gives a perfect fit for your child.  Stylish, comfy and fun to wear, Kickee clothing comes with a whole lot of kick! One word of warning, once you try one of their soft rompers, pajamas, footies, dresses or tops on your little one, you will never want to go back.

How do you size KP? Click here to learn more about KP sizing.

Our clients always want to know how to wash and care for KicKee Pants clothes. Well, we have an answer! Check out this awesome post in our blog. One of our loving mamas goes into pretty good detail on how to care for bamboo clothing.