There are a few reasons why I never liked utilizing plastic products as tableware. I had always heard negative things about the effects of plastics on our bodies and the environment but sometimes I ignored the warnings because plastic was more convenient. However after the birth of our first baby boy I started feeling a greater level of responsibility. Now, as full time mom of two boys and one girl, I am a lot more cautious about what goes into their bodies and for the environment they one day will be living in.

Most plastics, even if they do not contain the well-known toxin BPA, still cause adverse health effects. These effects include many dangers including direct toxicity, endocrine disruption and exposure to carcinogens. So while plastic is more convenient and easily available, at our house we have been working hard at trying to phase it out so our kids aren’t exposed to as many chemicals. The environmental effect of plastics is also something of concern to us, since over 50% of our trash ends up in landfills and doesn’t break down. Even if you have a good recycling program at home, the production of plastic has increased to the point where that might not be enough to combat the amount that ends up piling up and hurting the environment.

When I started my search for safer kid’s tableware my first call was to Purple Owl Boutique to see if they had any products they would recommend. The owner who has helped me locate hard to find Kickee Pants prints in the past, as always was very helpful. Right away told me she would send me a sample of Silikids, which she said is the preferred tableware at her house. Silikids was founded by two moms in 2006 because they wanted an alternative to plastic for their kids. All their products are made of silicone which is derived from the natural element silicon. Silicone does not react with food or liquid to leech out chemicals and it is non-toxic. Another benefit is that silicone products last much longer and Silikids will even recycle their products for you once they need to be replaced.

Having talked to Purple Owl I was very excited. After a quick two day wait their shipment arrived at my front door. I could barely wait to open the box to get my hands on the Silikids product and I have to say that right from the get go, I was impressed. Their products felt sturdy and well designed, quality was the first word that came to mind when holding their cups in my hand. At dinner time came the real test and everyone was very pleased, even my husband asked if we can get a few of their glass silicone covered cups for as he put it, “adult use only”. After almost a month of use I have to say I am static with Silikids and so thankful to Purple Owl for recommending the product. In fact I have already ordered more sippee cup covers and straws from them, to give as a gift to my sister in law who also has been looking for an alternative to plastic. Below you can find images and descriptions of the three products that were sent in to me for testing.


Siliskin Silicone Cups

These Siliskin Silicone Cups are absolutely amazing. Designed with thick silicone walls and a stainless steel ring, these cups are durable, strong, and will not collapse! They are truly super strong and even when I try to squeeze them, they barely give. Not only are these cups dishwasher and microwave safe, they are perfect for camping, on the go, or at home. There are two rows of grippers on either side of each cup which offers that extra help that some younger kids need. Our kids have gone crazy over these cups and I am thrilled to offer them this plastic free option.


Siliskin Straw Cup

For those kiddos past the baby stage but, perhaps not quite ready to go without a cover, the Siliskin Straw Cup is a great choice. Featuring the same durable cup as above, this particular set comes with a stretchy silicone top and flexible silicone straw. I have to say that my absolute favorite part about the straw cup is the fact that the straw is so completely bendable, for once, our little one doesn’t try to tip the cup to drink! The straw comes so naturally to his mouth that tipping is not an issue any longer.


Siliskin Sippy Cup

For the youngest of kiddos and even as they get older, the Siliskin Sippy Cup seems to be an instant hit. Again featuring that sturdy silicone cup with stainless steel ring, this cup also has the stretchy silicone cover that features a spout. Babies, especially the younger ones, seem to take to the flexible, soft spout more easily and learn to drink more efficiently. It’s the ultimate diaper bag cup and our 2 year old absolutely loves it.

So if you have been looking for a way to keep your kids safer by limiting or eliminating their exposure to harmful, look no further; Purple Owl Boutique has a great option for you, Silikids! I highly recommend their products which I have found to be a safe, fun, practical choice.