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      6 products

      Hangable kids cups

      Hangable kids cups by Puj (Pronounced, “Pudge”) are an excellent solution for keeping your kids cups organized in the kitchen. Hang this cups right on your fridge and you will never lose them again. Puj Phillup was founded by Ben and Katie Richardson, a husband and wife design team with four kids of their own, with the singular goal of simplifying parenthood through great product design. As designers AND parents, they have a front row seat into both how challenging and how rewarding parenting can be. While bathing their second baby, they knew there had to be an easier, safer, and better way to bathe a newborn. Together, they naturally combined their love of design and parenting and began sketching and prototyping to find a better bathing experience. After months of trying, testing and reworking their design for the ultimate infant bath tub, they finally had a solution that they knew would WOW other parents. Puj wants to simplify parenthood starting on a local level by addressing the needs of parents beyond just baby gear.  The founders and employees of Puj love interacting with other parents and want to create a space dedicated to being a community resource for new parents.