Birdie Bean: Shop Soft Comfortable Clothes for Kids.

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632 products

Birdie Bean: Shop Soft Comfortable Clothes for Kids.

Birdie Bean: Shop Designer Soft Comfortable Clothes for Kids and Moms.Beautiful soft clothes for babies, toddlers and moms. Moms love how their little ones look in Birdie Bean. Visit us today to shop boy pajamas, girl pajamas, baby rompers, girls dresses, bubble rompers and the softest most comfortable blankets. Shop Purple Owl Boutique today for a wide selection of hand selected premium brands.

What material is Birdie Bean clothes made out of?

Birdie Bean clothing is made of bamboo viscose fabric because it is the softest fabric currently available in the market. Birdie Bean clothing is breathable and stretchy, that means your little one will be comfortable no matter the activity. Their blankets are so soft and cozy you will feel amazing wether you are wrapping yourself up on the sofa for a movie night or swaddle your little one for a stroller ride on a cool evening. 

How do Birdie Beans sizes run?

Birdie Bean sizes run true to size. Here is a link to their sizing chart.

How do you care for Birdie Bean bamboo clothing?

Bamboo is a superb fabric, it's durable, breathable, and doesn't fade with ease. Being such a durable material means that with a few simple steps it is easy mantain and keep clean so all your pieces retain that new look feeling to them. Here are our recommended steps for caring for your Birdie Bean clothing:

1. Always Be Gentle: When dressing your kiddos try to always be gentle with all your zippers and snap buttons. While Birdie Bean clothes are very durable material it will tear around zippers and button if you are not gentle with it. 

2. Separate, Separate, Separate: We are sure your laundry loads are pretty big as they are for all of us who have little ones and separating clothes isn't always easy. But since by now you probably have quite a few bamboo outfits it will be best to wash them separate from the rest of your laundry. 

3. Turn Inside Out: While it is always recommended to turn any items with zippers inside out it is always a good idea to always turn inside out all your bamboo clothing. This will allow the wash process to much gentler on the print and keep them from fading.

4. Alway, Always, Wash Cold: Always wash your Birdie Bean bamboo clothing not he coldest setting possible. Also note that you do not want to necessarily use the gentle setting on your machine because this tends to leave clothing sitting in water for too long at times and this isn't beneficial for bamboo clothing. Utilizing a garment bag could be a good way to protect your Birdie Bean clothing, specially if your machine has an agitator. 

5. Use A Mild Detergent: As it is good for all your clothing but specially with bamboo utilizing a detergent of free of dyes and fragrances is the best choice for your garments. Also make sure you don't overload your machine with detergent, the typical recommendation is to use half the amount of recommended detergents for bamboo clothing. We of course love to recommend you use an environmentally friendly detergent whenever possible.

6. Fabric Softener and Bleach are Just a No-No: Bamboo is a soft fabric that simply does not require softener or bleach. Softeners and bleaches in fact can deteriorate some of the great quality of bamboo fabrics. If any of your pieces have a stain that requires extra care, we recommend pretreating the stain with a mild stain remover pre-wash. 

7. Just Hang It Up!: There's a reason why grandma used to hang all her clothes. Ok..ok grandma didn't have a dryer that's true, but at least all grandma's I know will tell you that line drying your clothes is the best way to go. When it comes to bamboo this is also true, line drying or layout your bamboo clothes to dry is probably the best way to lengthen the life of each item. But ok, I understand not everyone might want to run air drying lines in their yard or the time of the year might not allow for it. So if you must use your dryer for your bamboo clothes run it on a low heat and gentle cycle. 

If you have further questions regarding how to care for your Birdie Bean bamboo clothing feel free to reach out to us at Purple Owl Boutique through our Facebook Page.

What makes Birdie Bean bamboo clothing a great choice?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the planet which on its own makes it amazing. Becase bamboo grows so quickly, farmers do not need to utilize any pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers, which means bamboo is a super clean plant perfect to derive clothing material from. Bamboo is super soft and gentle on the skin. Because bamboo viscose is both moisture-wicking and breathable it means it can keep you warmer in cooler weather and cooler in warmer weather. This is why Birdie Bean uses this fantastic material in all the kids clothes they design and manufacture. 

Is bamboo a better choice than cotton? 

Yes we believe bamboo is a much better choice than cotton for clothing. Bamboo is softer, more breathable, and moisture wicking. Add to that the fact it is produced way more sustainably than cotton, and it is less susceptible to fading like cotton does. Cotton might be more familiar of materials and the more affordable one, but bamboo is starting to grow and become the major player in the market. The value you will get from bamboo clothing is much greater than you will get from purchasing cotton clothing. Go ahead and purchase your first pair of Birdie Bean bamboo pajamas and you will see what we are talking about. You will not want to buy a cotton pair of pajamas again.

If there are any other questions you need answered regarding Birdie Bean or any of our other amazing brands please reach out to us at and one of our representatives will be in touch with your shortly.