Angel Dear: Soft Bamboo & Muslin Clothes for Kids


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      Angel Dear: Soft Bamboo & Muslin Clothes for Kids 

      Where is Angel Dear manufactured?

      Angel Dear is based in the San Fransisco bay area, their collections are sold only in finest of boutiques and department stores across the United States. At Purple Owl Boutique we are pleased to bring their collection directly to you, online. Ultimate softness is everything the Angel Dear brand is all about. All their designs are created with your little one's comfort in mind.

      Is bamboo better than cotton for baby?

      Bamboo has a much greater capability to absorb sweat as well as being more breathable than cotton. This is always important to keep in consideration when purchasing kids pajamas, baby footies, baby swaddles, and baby blankets.

      Is muslin or bamboo better?

      The main difference between bamboo and muslin is the way the fabrics are weaved. Muslin is square and plain. Bamboo is more of a plain textured and weaved like silk. Both fabrics are great in summer clothing and blankets because they will keep you and your kids cool. 

      Why makes Angel Dear such a popular brand?

      Angel Dear is one of the top choices of brands by mom due to the design of their clothing, their softness, and affordability. Their bamboo clothing is often priced at a much better pricing than their competitors.