What Are The Best Baby Bamboo Pajamas in the market?

When it comes to clothes for our little ones we all one nothing but the best quality, perfect fit and most fashionable clothing. The baby clothing market in the US is huge and there are so many brands it is not always easy to make the right choice. Amongst the many baby clothes designers and manufacturers there are two brands that stand out against the rest. Kickee Pants and Posh Peanut are currently the two most popular children’s brands when in search of bamboo baby pajamas.

So let’s take a moment to explore the two brands keeping three main concepts in mind.

1. Quality Of Materials

2. Fit

3. Style

What Makes Posh and Kickee Baby Bamboo Pajamas So Good​

1. Quality of Materials

It is not hard to do an online search and find out that Posh Peanut and Kickee Pants are a notch above the rest. But what makes this brands so good? Well, to start, quality of materials. Both companies outsource their materials from top quality bamboo sources. This is clear by simply touching any of their baby bamboo pajamas and feeling the softness of the material. Once you get your baby on a pair, you will want to also check out Kickee Pants line of clothing for moms and dads.

2. Fit

Fit is an important factors when choosing baby bamboo pajamas for your little one. All parents want their babies to feel comfy and happy. A well fitted pair of pajamas could make all the difference between a great night of sleep or an uncomfortable one. With bamboo being such a soft material it is an ideal garment to wear while asleep. Let’s not forget also that bamboo is great at regulating temperature. Which means it will keep your little one warmer on those cooler nights of winter and cooler in the warmer nights of summer. When looking for the right fit sizing is the most important factor. You can check out Kickee Pants sizing chart here.

3. Style

All parent want to dress their kids in quality clothing that will fit them great and make them feel comfortable. While those are two factors that will play a role in what brand of baby bamboo pajamas you choose to buy, let’s not forget about style. We all want our little ones to look cute and cuddly when they head to bed. Both Posh Peanut and Kickee Pants offer a wide range of prints from which to choose from. Weather you want your little girl to look as cute as button in a flower print or your little boy to look handsomely boyish in a trucks and cars print outfit.

So Which One Should You Buy? 

If you are a veteran of the bamboo clothing game you might have have your favorite brand, but if you are new mom looking to make a choice you will have a lot of fun getting to know this two excellent brands. Our recommendation is you pick a pair of baby bamboo pajamas from each brand and try them out. See how you like the feel of each material. Observer how your little one feels when wearing each pajama and if he or she has a preference for one over the other. The vast majority of customers that visit Purple Owl Boutique often purchase both brands, Kickee Pants and Posh Peanut. Sure there are some hardcore fans out there that will swear by one brand or the other, but both have have a lot to offer the consumer. If you are looking for quality of materials, ultimate comfort in fit, and amazing style you won’t go wrong with either brand. 

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